Planning Groups need Publicity and a Simple Way to Sign Up

J2 WebDesigns creates websites for New Horizons Music Groups, but what do you need if you are still in the Planning Group stage of development? Probably not a full-function web presence like we typically develop for existing groups, but we do have a special program for Planning Groups so they can use the internet to help build interest in a new group and give those interested a way to sign-up…and in the process give the group organizers a database of the interested.

Announcing J2 WebDesigns’ Two-Page Planning Group Website

Playing the tubaIt’s not complicated because there are only the two pages you need to generate interest in your new group. The first page is your landing page and here we can explain the details of your group in development. What the objective of New Horizons is, an encouraging quote from the Founder, Roy Ernst and the details of how you are planning to bring this incredible opportunity to your local area.

We will explain that your New Horizons group is open to musicians and would-be musicians of all levels, without try-outs or auditions, and how easy it is to join the group…and join the fun! Continuing to play and learning to play are both life-changing and delightful experiences.

We can introduce your director if you have already selected one, where and when you plan to meet, what the expected fees will be, and a quote or two from potential members who are eager to sign up (you probably already have a few in mind.)

Registration Form

The core of the Planning Group Website is the registration form. We will design that to give you as much information about your potential players aRegistration Forms you want. What instrument they either play or would like to learn to play. A self-assessment ranging from Newbee to Accomplished so you have a good feeling of how to structure your program. If they can already read music, etc.

The major benefit here is we will capture their contact information so you can keep them informed and enthused as you approach your kick-off date. Follow-up is incredibly important when you are generating enthusiasm for a new program and this website will give you the tools to accomplish that.

We will even tie your Planning Group Website to your Facebook page, and if you don’t already have one, we will create one and a Twitter account for you. Every time a new member signs up, you send out a tweet.

Cost to the Planning Group

Here’s our proposition. We will build and and provide free managed hosting for your Planning Group Website, associate it with your Facebook and Twitter accounts, customize your registration form and show you how to use it…all for $200. We normally develop band websites for $800 plus hosting, so once your band is up and running as a NHIMA Music Group, we will expand your Planning Group Website into a full-featured Music Group Website for $600 plus the level of hosting you want from the Do-it-Yourself fee-based hosing level to our extremely economical Managed Hosting level. This way, your web presence will grow with you.


If you would like us build to a Planning Group Website for you, Contact us Today.